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We give you the tools you need to resist debt, stream income and create wealth! Read the blog, tweets, books, or Facebook posts for daily inspiration and guidance.

In a post-Covid world, now is the time to secure your financial future.

The Cash Queen® is here to empower you to take control of your financial life.

Founded by Tracie Breaux, our goal is to empower you to be financially independent, no longer reliant on a job or the stress of worrying about money. Our mission is for you to utilize the free resources and guidance The Cash Queen® community offers.

 We try to provide the tools to help you reach your goal. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach financial independence by gutting your debt and streaming multiple incomes so you can enjoy the quality life you and your family deserves.

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The Cash Queen’s Mission & Vision

Our mission is to champion you to financially succeed. We will provide the tools through our blog, books, and mentoring to help you channel your passions into wealth and get out of debt. It is time to start living the life you deserve. 

The Cash Queen’s Core Values

These are our core values:

To help you believe in yourself

Don’t let past financial issues bog you down. Use your past as a learning curve. Now is the time to take control and believe in yourself.

To educate you with our resources

Educating yourself is the first step toward getting out of debt and creating wealth. We are here to help you make the best financial decisions possible. The Cash Queen will soon be adding podcasts and videos on Youtube and Tik Tok, so follow us there for more free guidance.

To encourage you

The Cash Queen community is here to push you forward into a positive financial future.

To provide you with materials to succeed

Having a solid foundation is need for any relationship and the relationship you have with money is no different. We offer blog posts, books, and a free CQ money guide to help you build your financial foundation.

The CQ Money Guide Objective

The CQ Money Guide is a free resource we offer to help you resist failure and embrace the challenge of creating a lifetime of wealth.

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